Our little Violetta [pronounced Vee-oh-letta] – Baby V – is here! 💕

She was born on Mother’s Day, May 12, which was her official due date.

It’s the most amazing/surreal/wonderful thing that’s ever happened in our lives. But it also the hardest/most challenging too, on every possible level. Hence the delay on our announcement – it’s either get some sleep/eat/shower (what shower?) or write a post😊

But we are so happy and I can’t imagine loving our little girl any more than we do. Baby V is healthy, born 7lb 13oz and 20″.

Thanks so much to all of you for your sweet emails & social media messages and for caring!  If you have reached out to me please forgive me that I don’t reply ❤ We just need a few days/weeks to adjust to our new incredible life and let my body recover as well.
Marina & Nick

1st photo below: Nick took it just 7 minutes after she came out of me (still can’t believe it!)
The photo of Nick holding Violetta is the next day at the hospital (see Nick’s story below).
The 3rd photo is May 24th, my mom took it (and thanks to Lisa S for these lovely shirts!)
Marina-Violetta - 851pm May 12Nick-Violetta- May13Marina-Nick-Violetta-May 24



Nick posted this on his FB page on May 26th in case you’d like to read:

German Metal and our Daughter…
When I was a kid, I was a big fan of the German metal band, Helloween. Because they rarely played in the U.S., and I was too young when they were most active in the U.S., I had never had the opportunity to see them play live. When I heard they were coming to Los Angeles, I jumped at the chance to buy a ticket. The day of the show, September 8, 2018, Marina and I were making Italian food and opening a bottle of wine.

Marina and I have been together for many years and had recently decided to let nature take its course. If that meant a child, great! If not, we were happy with our current lifestyle.

While cooking that day, Marina told me that, over the past few days, she had been feeling a bit off. I suggested she take a pregnancy test. “No.” she said: “I can’t possibly be pregnant.” “Let’s just check to be sure” I said. She took the test and… it was positive. I got in the car, (don’t worry, I hadn’t finished my first glass of wine) and drove over to Walgreens. I bought a pregnancy test 3-pack and asked Marina to take all three tests. Yep. Sure enough, she was pregnant. We were floored, in a very good way. The cork went back into the barely touched bottle and we sat, with our minds peacefully flying a million miles a second, if that makes sense. Given this news, I knew I couldn’t go to a metal concert and leave her at home. Being the awesome person she is, Marina jumped online and bought a ticket to see a band she barely knew, just so I wouldn’t miss my one chance to see them play live and so we could be together that night.

When we got to the venue, an employee of Live Nation, who didn’t know us and knew nothing about us, approached us to ask if we would like to be upgraded to VIP seating, as opposed to the general admission, standing room only tickets we had. She unlatched the velvet rope and there we were, sitting at the side of the stage. For the next three hours, we sat, in an emotion-fueled mental fog of excitement, fear and wonder, as we watched Helloween power through their fierce and totally kick-ass catalogue.

I bought a Helloween hoodie that night and, strange as it sounds, it became a sort of good luck charm. I wore it to all of Marina’s doctor appointments and, yes, I wore it during our sweet little Violetta’s birth. I was wearing the Helloween hoodie as I held Marina’s hand and watched our little girl enter the world. I wore it as I tried to sleep while looking at our little girl the first night she slept in her hospital bassinet.

It’s funny how quickly things can change and how a night of fun nostalgic rock can become so intertwined with the most beautiful event of my life.
So, the next time you see a guy wearing a rock t-shirt or hoodie, who knows?


  1. I have seen most of this elsewhere but I just saw it here now. Parenting is certainly a journey and the trip through life you will take with your beautiful daughter Violetta will be the greatest you will likely ever take in your life. Listen to your own lyrics and “Enjoy The Ride”. Take lots of photos. I know you will. And treasure every single moment.

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