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September 19, 2017

Since we had a few days off in between shows, we decided to find the most relaxing and beautiful place possible to recharge. I wanted something rural yet not too far from Lincoln. Found just the place based on amazing reviews: Prairie Creek Inn. It was only a few miles outside of Lincoln but felt like a million miles away from civilization. In other words – perfect!

Our phones (thanks, T-Mobile!) didn’t have any signal as we pulled up to the house, but it was just fine. It was nice to be disconnected from everything for a little while.

We were given the Inspiration Pointe room in the historic Leavitt house. Look at the view from our room!
It’s kind of funny that we stayed in 2 B&Bs near Lincoln in 2 days. They are both historic and wonderful yet so different in vibe, decor and history. The owners Bruce & Maureen had told us that when they bought this 1911 house a few years ago it was terribly dilapidated. Originally, it was located a few miles away, so the moved the house. My first reaction was that I didn’t hear them correctly. But yes, they MOVED the house!

In the hallway there are pictures documenting the move, with thousands of people who gathered to watch. After moving the house, the owners rebuilt the inside and furnished it with antiques (including the mirror/nightstand below), most of which was donated to them by friends and members of their church.I loved the staircase and the living room (with an antique piano!) especially:

For dinner, Nick & I drove to Lincoln (20 mins to the historic part of town) and found a restaurant based on great reviews (Green Gateau). Farm to table type cuisine, carefully prepared food – just the type I love! Don’t laugh, but the homemade bread was my favorite course!

Afterwards, we drove back to Prairie Creek Inn and spent the time exploring the grounds. With nobody around, we had the grounds to ourselves. It was a beautiful breezy 70F September evening.

We heard an otter splash in this pond:

And we watched the sun set over the lake:

We got back to our room as it was dark, all the while listening to the crickets, watched a couple of episodes of Frasier on our tablet and ended up sleeping for 10 hours! It was such a relaxing time. Just what I was hoping for!

For breakfast, Bruce & Maureen prepared homemade biscuits with gravy and eggs. Everything was delicious. The fresh air made us very hungry! 🙂 Nick & I were the only guests the night before and in the morning. There was a big group arriving the next day for a whole week, but we loved our peace and quiet!

We grabbed our blueberries and freezer pack out of the fridge and left for Lincoln around 9am. To be honest, we didn’t even shower. Nick had to be on a conference call, but couldn’t quite accomplish that without the cell phone signal (come on, T-Mobile!).

We went to Lincoln to our hotel (The Graduate Lincoln) for the next 2 days. They let us check in at 10am! Wow wow wow!

To be continued 🙂

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