2 Million Lights at Cambria Pines (and our first trip since the pandemic began)

Another Christmas a month later? Yes, please! (it’s been that kind of a year, right?)

In January 2021 Nick, our 20 month old Baby V and I went on a mini trip to Cambria, one of our favorite California towns, to see the amazing 2 Million Lights show at The Cambria Pines! We had a great time returning to this beautiful lodge amid the coastal pine forest on a mountain.

If you want to see 2 Millions Lights, they should resume in November 2021!
Book your stay at www.cambriapineslodge.com

It was our first time away from home since the pandemic started (for someone who’s used to traveling and touring all the time, this has felt like an eternity) and it was good to start with a trip to a place we already know and love. Nick and I have been to Cambria Pines Lodge a few times over the years, but never around Christmas (and never with a baby!). This time we stayed at room 620. It is a 2nd floor suite with 2 fire places and a large private balcony with a gorgeous view.

Re: COVID-19 precautions, we have been super careful and even a bit paranoid since the pandemic began. We have stayed at home and only have been to parks and the beach and a few open air places.
Here at Cambria Pines they deep clean the rooms and then use an electrostatic wand sprayer with hospital-grade all organic solution (safe for us but kills the virus). You can read about their procedures on the website and call the hotel. And on top of the hotel cleaning we obsessively wiped and sprayed everything with rubbing alcohol πŸ™‚ We brought our own pillows too (which we’ve always done anyway). All of our other activities were outside (the light show, the beach, the spectacular walk at the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve).

Since pictures and videos speak louder than words, here they are:

at the entrance
Nick and Violetta. You can see our room balcony right below the sky patch
it felt like being in a fairytale
Did I mention they play holiday music there? It felt like Christmas (in the middle of January!)
There are many educational plaques and depictions of stories and Christmas traditions from around the world
La Befana (the Italian Christmas folklore character)
Stairs leading to our room are right behind Nick
Violetta attempting an escape πŸ™‚
Excuse the messy bed! πŸ™‚
Both the bedroom and the living room have fireplaces. So lovely!
The door in this photo leads to the amazing patio/balcony.
Very convenient to have a little kitchen (we prepared baby food), a fridge and a dining table (with wine glasses!)
Our amazing private balcony (check out the video below for a better view of the mountains)
A few videos πŸ™‚

We didn’t spend any time in town (because of the pandemic) but enjoyed the outdoors.

At the beautiful Fiscalini Ranch Preserve
Nick & Baby V at the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve
At Shamel Beach Park
Shamel Beach Park, 3 minute drive from Cambria Pines Lodge

We loved our 2 night stay and I highly recommend Cambria, Cambria Pines Lodge and their amazing 2 Million Lights event! While our stay at Cambria Pines Lodge was complimentary, all views and photos are entirely my own. I stand by every word – as always.

Any comments and thoughts? Have you ever been to Cambria?

Also.. if you find any typos, please let me know. I am obsessed with proper grammar and spelling but…. I type too fast and sometimes simply space out:)

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  1. Thanks, Marina, for sharing yet another place from your travels! I love seeing photos of Baby V. Haven’t yet stayed at Cambria Pines but we love Cambria! Thanks for the tip! I miss traveling. Hopefully, soon!


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