A Taste of Paris in Los Angeles: Ladurée Beverly Hills

Sitting at Ladurée Beverly Hills truly felt like being back in France! Having fallen in love with the original Parisian tea room (which opened in 1862) as well as the Red Square branch in my hometown of Moscow, I couldn’t wait to experience Ladurée’s Beverly Hills, the location closest to where I live. It was as amazing as I was hoping for and ended up being a fairytale-perfect datenight for me and Nick! The weather (70F) was great as well, and we took a lovely long walk afterwards (which included the famed Rodeo Drive, just a block away, and the Beverly Wilshire Hotel (remember Pretty Woman?)!)

If you’re not familiar with Ladurée, here is what you need to know: this beautiful upscale French bakery has some of the most delicious desserts & food in the whole world (in my very humble opinion). They now have quite a few locations in several countries  (how did I miss  Ladurée Sydney over Christmas?). I think I have some catching up to do:)

So when you are up for some high quality desserts (including their signature Ladurée macarons), a fabulous afternoon tea experience and one of the best croque monsieurs you’ll ever have (Nick & I both agreed, it was our absolute favorite, by far!), check to see if there is a location near you! www.laduree.fr/en/

Meanwhile, enjoy my various food porn (don’t you love this term?) photos below.
Click on the first one and then the “next” arrow.
For videos and silly boomerangs check out my Instagram Story Highlights under Around LA!

I hope you enjoyed! I can’t wait to return to Ladurée Beverly Hills and also visit their other locations in L.A. (the Grove & Americana) and all around the world!

While our Ladurée Beverly Hills experience was complimentary (many thanks to Pierre-Antoine Raberin, President of Ladurée), all views and photos are entirely my own. I stand by every word – as always.

Any comments and thoughts? Have you been to any of the Ladurée locations? Please let me know so I can mark it on GoogleMaps for future travels! Also.. if you find any typos, please let me know. I am obsessed with proper grammar and spelling but…. I type too damn fast and sometimes simply space out:)


  1. Princess Marina, amazing photography, my friend! And you look stunning, as always.
    I should take my wife out to the Americana location. I think she will love it!

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  2. Helen and I have been to the original location in Paris as well, which we loved. We haven’t yet been to the one in London. You look beautiful. The location in Beverly Hills looks very nice.

    Liked by 1 person

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