Exciting personal news ❤

Nick and I are beyond excited to share the news with you: I am pregnant!!!!!!!!!

We’ve been together for many years now, through some of our most difficult to our happiest moments, discovering the world while making and sharing our music with our listeners. And starting this new chapter in our life is simply indescribable. Happiness and love, levels of which I’ve never felt, mixed with a million of other emotions and feelings, are very hard to put into words. So I won’t even try 😊

But I am so glad to share this very personal news with all of you.

We will continue making music, of course!!! Just will have to halt our touring for a little while. But Nick and I will always be writing, recording and soon we’ll be doing online concerts.

And… we will continue traveling and I will be writing my SingerTravelista blog, of course! In the very near future, the traveling will be limited to California and nearby. But plenty of people travel with tiny babies internationally, and I hope I’ll be one of them before too long 🙂

I am 5 1/2 months pregnant. We are expecting our little girl in May ❤

Thank you for reading!!marina and nick pregnancy announcement


  1. First thing I thought of.. What magical destination were you experiencing five and a half months ago? Your child has already had a rich experience of music and conversation that few people ever come close to. All the best!

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