Oktoberfest in Los Angeles: My Favorite German Restaurant Discovery (Wirtshaus)!

In the last two years Nick and I spent a lot of time touring in Germany and totally fell in love with the country, its people, the towns and the whole culture. Totaling about 2 months, if you add up the tours, we crisscrossed the country a few times, from the most Southern parts to literally the most Northern tip. The only area we didn’t visit was Berlin and the North-East. But we spent time in all other major cities and in a few dozens gorgeous small towns. Reminiscing about our time in Deutschland Nick and I recently found ourselves really missing German food. While I learned to cook a few dishes myself (I make one heck of a jägerschnitzel!), I was hoping to find an awesome German restaurant in our hometown of Los Angeles. And we did! We found Wirtshaus! (http://www.wirtshausla.com)

Located in the Fairfax district on La Brea just South of Melrose, Wirtshaus (which translates to “tavern”, by the way) has been welcoming German food lovers since 2011. It is owned and operated by two friends from a small town near Cologne, Ben and Bjoren. They also have a sister restaurant which recently opened in Long Beach, Rasselbock Kitchen and Beer Garden, and I hope to check it out next time I’m in Long Beach!

Everything at Wirtshaus has a true feel of Germany, from the lively biergarten to the vibe/decor and, of course, the food itself. For dinner we shared our favorite classics: sausages (wurstplatte: 4 different types of what we call bratwursts in the US), jägerschnitzel with wild mushroom gravy (“schnitzel” is a thin breaded pork or veal, and “jäger” means hunter), as well as  spätzle (typical Southern German egg noodles), sauerkraut (fermented cabbage), pretzels and fabulous house-made apple strudel for dessert! Nick also enjoyed (he really did!) a beer tasting: a flight of draft beers from Germany.

Click on the first photo of the gallery below and then click next. I put a few captions here and there. P.S. We came to dinner at 5pm on Monday, hence the lack of crowds.

And here are a few silly videos I posted on Instagram 🙂

Our dinner was complimentary (and, as always, we left a tip for our server).

Thank you for reading!!!

Any fans of German food among my readers? What are your favorite dishes?


  1. Hi Marina, thanks for posting about this place. I went to Germany years ago and remember I really enjoyed the food. I love the boomerang video of you and Nick, you are both adorable!

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