A lovely evening at LIBRARY, a cool private members’s club in Covent Garden, London

Did you know how my husband Nick & I met? And what is this mushy green stuff next to my fish & chips? These questions will be answered as you read this blog post 🙂 Or you can just look through the photos. Either way, thanks for being here!

I just realized that I’ve never been a member of any club. Well, technically, it’s not true, because as a teen I had membership to The Club, but that was just the name of my gym in Springfield, IL (true story: Nick & I met in a Jacuzzi at that gym!). But I’ve never been a member of a social club nor have I been inside of one. Or near one! 🙂 Not until my recent trip to London when Nick & I were invited to dine at LIBRARY, a very cool club in the heart of the famed Covent Garden district.

While LIBRARY is a members-only club you can get a day or a month pass or just stay there (it’s a boutique hotel as well) and automatically have temporary membership. As an avid reader (although these days I’ve become more of an avid audiobook listener as my eyes get tired from laptop/phone/gadgets) I was excited to see books everywhere and loved the vibe. According to their website – www.lib-rary.com – LIBRARY draws inspiration from literature, theatre, local community and sustainable design. They host all kinds of cultural events and provide a home away from home to their club members.

Nick & I had dinner and even a mixed drink (because it was named after Roald Dahl – I had to!) and then the restaurant manager/super cool guy, Jean Baptiste, gave us a tour of the whole club.

Nick & I loved this beautiful place. See my photos below.  Please take note of traditional mushy peas – that green stuff – near the fish & chips. It’s such an English thing! Have you ever had it?  It’s rather bland but I love it!

Just click on the 1st photo and then click the arrow on the right to see other photos. I put captions under some of the photos. Hope you like! 🙂

Have you been to LIBRARY? Are you a member of any social club or have you ever been? I’m really curious. Maybe it’s more of an English thing? Do you know?

Please leave your comments below, can’t wait to hear!


  1. I didn’t know you and Nick met in a jaccuzi. What a cool story! And I’ve never been a member of any social club aside from a short lived sorority stint at school. Thanks for sharing these photos, Marina!

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  2. As a person who fancies himself a non-pro photographer, your photos are SPOT ON beautiful!!! Lovely presentation of subject, great composition w/ framing or adjacent content well done! I am SO glad that you & Nick to to share this (and other) super nice experience!!! Rock on!

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