Ayur-Medic Skin Care & how their face cleanser helped my skin

Ok, I know this is a questionable selfie, but I am so grateful to this amazing Ayur-Medic cleanser that helped my skin. IMG_20180317_121448_442My face started breaking out all of a sudden recently (wtf, right?). Which meant caking on makeup so nobody would notice, and which probably made my skin worse when I was performing & sweating under stage lights. TMI, I know
Anyway, my friend Kristina (of Facials by Kristina in Valencia, CA) suggested this salicylic acid face wash. After using it for 7 weeks my skin is doing soooo much better, a lot less of painful acne!! So I started using a couple of other Ayur-Medic products and love it all!

In March I visited Ayurmedic office/lab/headquarters in Camarillo and got a little tour of the facility. Made right there on premises, the products are all natural and high quality. Just wanted to share with y’all!


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