Alala Designer Activewear (and how it makes me feel cute and in shape)

I loved collaborating with Alala Designer Activewear in Spring 2018. I’ve been wearing the tights and the top Alala sent me ever since 🙂 It’s pretty much my “go to” casual outfit while running errands or traveling. I wore my Alala pants for my last 3 flights (all longer than 10 hours) . These pants are soft and thin yet warm, and comfy, and their waist is designed in such a way it doesn’t cut into your stomach, so it’s perfect for flying (you should never wear tight clothing while flying, but you probably already know that).
Anyway…… Thanks, Alala! I’m a fan!
Here are a few photos from a little photoshoot Nick & I did.

New Arrivals at Alala Style

July 4th Sale! Buy any item, get the second item half off with code SUNNY*


  1. You look beautiful! When you first posted about Alala back in March I went to their website and ordered a pair of Captain Ankle Tights. They’re a bit pricey but I decided to give it a shot. I’m very glad I did. They are my favorite workout pants now! I should send you a pic


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